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A third tabletop game is in the works, based in a high fantasy universe, to be called Darkstar.

Wyrmhole Gaming is a husband-and-wife team located in Connecticut. Together we are a tabletop gaming company with 3 different games on the horizon, the first of which to be released in 2014! We have also created our own die-based system, the Genesis System, which is used in our games. 

About Us

Project: Utopia

Project: Utopia is a tabletop game set in the sci-fi based future. Humans have begun to explore the outer reaches of our solar system, only to be blocked by the UNSE. Multiple other human factions have arisen to find out: just what is Pluto hiding?

Dead House

Dead House is a tabletop game set in a time after the Third World War, which was a time of great change. Vampires, lycans, fae, daemons, angels, super soldiers and the like can legally now coexist with humans, but who do they go to when there is trouble?

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